Catalina Pottery

Pictured above is a low bowl and candlesticks. Catalina Pottery Art ware included all the art ware shapes that were made with molds purchased from the Catalina Island Pottery in 1937. Usually, the number system Gladding McBean used began with "C-" to signify that it was an Island mold. However, there are exceptions. Sometimes, Gladding McBean would add new pieces to the art ware line and the number assigned began with "C-". Art ware pieces are marked with all marks from the Gladding McBean Marks Brochure from 1937 until the line was discontinued in 1942 due to war production.
The above low, or flat bowl is #145, the candlesticks are #C-607.

Gladding McBean in their sales brochure and price list for January 1, 1942 states:

The growing popularity of the low bowl for flower arrangement has led us to extend the variety of sizes and color treatments to fit every need. They are in two price ranges, depending on whether they are plain glaze colors or are two tone colors.

The low, flat bowls were offered in this year in satin ivory, satin mauve, gloss chartreuse, gloss celadon. The two tone colors were satin ivory lined with gloss turquoise and satin coral lined with light satin green.


Catalina Pottery
Catalina Art Pottery
Nautical Patterns

Available in Ivory Outside, Coral Line (MP-52/5) or
Ivory Outside, Satin Turquoise Lining (MP-27/5)

Catalina Pottery  Catalina Pottery
Left to Right: #unknown, #C-370 Shell Vase, Conch Design, #unknown, #C-353 Shell Vase, 7-1/4", #C-358 Shell Vase, Murex Design, #C-350 Sea Shell Cornucopia, 6".

Catalina Pottery
Left to Right: #C-237(medium size-11 x 5-1/4")Clam Shell Bowl or (not pictured) #C-236(15 x 6-1/4")Giant Clam Shell Bowl, #C358 Shell Vase, Murex Design, #C-374 Double Shell Compote.

Also in the Nautical Group (not pictured) was the Dolphin Table Piece 5-1/2"

The above label was blue with silver embossing used on the Catalina Art ware Line.