50thback.jpg (29532 bytes)
Mark on back of
Anniversary Plate
50thfrnt.jpg (100480 bytes)
Anniversary Plate
candydish.bmp (160942 bytes) Candy Dish
candydish2.bmp (186454 bytes)
Back of Candy Dish
chalice.jpg (38600 bytes)
Ceramic Chalise
childdish.jpg (44337 bytes)
Child's Plate
childsset.jpg (60451 bytes)
Child's Set
Redesigned with
Porringer, Coupe Plate
and 7 oz mug.
demicoffee.jpg (23640 bytes)
coffee.jpg (25505 bytes) Individual Coffee Pot
cpestk.jpg (21539 bytes)
Oval Steak Platter
dcp00960.jpg (58469 bytes)
Cream & Cereal Bowl
dividedveg.jpg (52391 bytes)
Divided Vegetable
drbone1.jpg (119595 bytes)
Cresent Dishes
(Bone Dishes or
Side Salads)
drlong.jpg (50251 bytes)Long and Narrow
fbutter.jpg (61843 bytes)
Rare no knob
Butter Dish
lamp.jpg (33559 bytes)
Hurricane Lamp
tureen.jpg (60262 bytes) Soup Tureen, Footed
snackr.jpg (35267 bytes)
Coupe Party Plate
with cup well
rosecol.jpg (96152 bytes)
Issued as a premium in
turkey.jpg (46111 bytes)Turkey Platter
poringer.jpg (48696 bytes)
teacaddy.jpg (77524 bytes)
Ginger Jar