Franciscan Desert Rose Table Linens

Tablecloths were introduced in the early 1950's to go with the Franciscan Hand-Painted Dinnerware lines Desert Rose, Ivy and Apple.  Made of linen with fine quality stitching, these multi-colored table linens were sold with Franciscan in Department Stores and Jewelry Stores.

doil03.jpg (17339 bytes)
Detail of Boarder

pack.jpg (34422 bytes)
Tablecloth and Napkins
set18.jpg (19528 bytes)
The Complete Set
Tablecloth, 4 Napkins,

Oval, 2 Rounds
set10.jpg (14992 bytes)
The Tablecloth -
52"x52" Square
set9.jpg (34753 bytes)
Tablecloth, Napkins,
Oval, and Rounds
nap6.jpg (33146 bytes)
nap5.jpg (19442 bytes)
Detail of Napkin
doil2.jpg (27230 bytes)
nap7.jpg (21265 bytes)
Detail of Rounds
doil08.jpg (31147 bytes)
doil.jpg (30123 bytes)
back5.jpg (28890 bytes)
Reverse Side
Detail of Tablecloth
back4.jpg (23166 bytes)
Detail - Reverse
Side of Tablecloth


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