Franciscan Desert Rose Pans

pans_01.jpg (22515 bytes)
Saucepan With Lid
pans_02.jpg (23268 bytes)
Small Covered
Casserole With Lid
pans_03.jpg (28335 bytes)
Saucepan and Small
Covered Casserole
pans_04.jpg (27338 bytes)
Saucepan, Frypan,

Small Covered Casserole
pans_05.jpg (24749 bytes)
Saucepan, Frypan,
Small Covered Casserole

Franciscan Pans were offered prior to the close of the plant at Glendale, California.  Made by the same manufacturer as the metal tea kettle, the pans included a sauce pan, a fry pan (the lid was the same lid as the large casserole- not pictured), a small covered casserole, and a large covered casserole (not pictured).   The bottom of all pieces were marked with Desert Rose by Franciscan and made in Taiwan.  These were not widely distributed as the metal tea kettle was and are considered to be hard to find/scarce.


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