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The Franciscan Ceramics Archive web site is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Franciscan Ceramics and Gladding, McBean terra cotta produced in the USA by Gladding, McBean & Company, and the Interpace corporation.  The two most significant plants of Gladding, McBean & Company is the terra cotta division in Lincoln, California, and the dinnerware & tile division in Los Angeles also known as the Glendale plant.  In 1962, Gladding, McBean merged with Lock Pipe and Joint Company.  The new company International Pipe and Ceramics Corporation was later renamed Interpace derived from:
 International Pipe and Ceramics
Interpace in 1976 sold the former Gladding, McBean & Company's Lincoln plant to Pacific Coast Building Products and in 1979 sold the Franciscan Ceramics division in Los Angeles to Josiah Wedgwood & Sons, Ltd.  In 1984, the Franciscan Ceramics division in Los Angeles was closed down and production moved to England to the Johnson Brothers division of Wedgwood.  All lines were discontinued with the exception of the hand-painted patterns Apple, Desert Rose, and Fresh Fruit.  Josiah Wedgwood & Sons, Ltd. would merge with Waterford becoming Waterford Wedgwood. 

Today, the Franciscan trademark is still in use as well as the production of the patterns Apple and Desert Rose. "Made in USA" Franciscan Ware has become collectible and is sought by collectors worldwide.  Gladding, McBean is still in business in Lincoln, California producing terra cotta sewer tile, floor tile, and roof tiles.  In 2000, Gladding McBean reissued their terra cotta garden ware using the same methods and molds used since the late 1800's.

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Factory Image

Air Photograph of the Glendale Franciscan Ceramics Plant
Formerly located at 2901 Los Feliz Avenue, Los Angeles, California
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Gladding, McBean Plant in Lincoln, CA

Gladding, McBean & Company's Lincoln, California plant.  Main products produced
at the plant was Terra Cotta building products, garden ware and sewer tile.
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San Francisco Headquarter of Gladding, McBean

San Francisco Headquarters of the Gladding, McBean company.
Image ©Franciscan Ceramics Archive 2008, All Rights Reserved

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